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A nano sculpture about trust, tiny in space yet born of a love spanning a lifetime.

2014 | Mixed Media | approx. 80 x 100 x 20 microns

2015 Guinness World Record for "The smallest sculpture of a human form"

Print Media: click here for Hi-res images of Trust.

‘CNN Ones to Watch’ captures Hurwitz’s figure of a woman who can only be viewed through a microscope, as she dances delicately on a single strand of human hair. His quest to merge art and science is limitless – he makes vast bronze sculptures using algorithms and mirrors which play with perspectives.

The programme follows Hurwitz in the laboratory at one of the world’s leading universities in engineering and natural sciences, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, as the alchemist turned artist crafts a new work.


Cupid and Psyche

The Second Kiss


In this embrace on the head of an ant, I tell the mythical story of love lost, a journey, great challenges and a finally a moment of joining. 

2014 | Mixed Media | approx. 100 x 90 x 100 microns

Nano Photography byStehpan Diller, Nanoflight.de

Inspired by Antonia Canova's work in the Louvre Museum, Paris "Psyche revived by Cupid's Kiss" (1787 - 1793).

Destruction of the Sculptures


The making of...


Journalist Sarah Anderson has in my view written the most beautiful article exploring these nano sculptures.  You can find it here at 3Dprint.com


Rendering the Micro Structure

At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Nano Micro Facility. In the "clean room" laboratory under yellow light, rendering the sculpture in a sterile environment on a nanoscribe machine.

For media: Click here for these images in hi-res



Under the scanning electron microscope the team analyses and photographs the nano sculptures.


My Past

In the collection of  the Karlsruhe Nano Micro Facility (KNMF), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

A bit more for the
Geeks and Poets...

Want a bit more detail on the nano sculptures? Something for the geeks,
poets and journalists... Click here.



Thank you to the amazing team behind this project

Its wonderful to see such a diverse group of people come together on this R&D project. The merging of art and science is a beautiful symbol of our time. 

The final testament to any research project is what it yields.  These images speak for themselves in my view.  Each of you has shone. Thank you. 


Muse and partner
Yifat Davidoff

Fabrication and Imaging
Institute of Microstructure Technology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Stefan Hengsbach
Florian Rupp
Paul Abaffy

Nanotech Advisory
Yehiam Prior, Weizmann Institute of Science

Yifat Davidoff
Tamara Broido, reclectic.com
Oded Davidoff

Hugo Gillum Webb

Background Imaging and Photography
Jens Rafaelsen, Aalborg University (Ant Image)
The Aberystwyth University of Wales, Bioimaging Laboratory (Needle image)
Graeme Gibbons

Data Capture, Modelling and Re-touching
Graham Walker
Jonathan Seeney
Lee Perry-Smith

Geoff Atkinson
Fred Atkinson
Vera Productions

Grant and Jo Cameron





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